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Hot And Trending HDB Interior Design Styles

Everybody loves to have their dream home which depicts a particular character and style. In fact, your home is a reflection of your own personality and character. Therefore, your home should be designed and renovated in a way for which you want people to see you. When you want to design or renovate your HDB…

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Great Ideas To Make Your Home Comfortable And Cosy

When you are carrying out the HDB interior design of your house, you may focus on several requirements which you want the final design to achieve. One of the most important requirements of anyone could be that the final design should be comfortable and cosy. A modern and stylish design which is not comfortable may…


Different Ideas For Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are one of the least bothered rooms when people renovate their homes. They usually focus more on the living room and bedrooms followed by the kitchen and lastly, the bathroom. Often, the bathroom is left as it is even though the whole house gets renovated. However, a bathroom is one of the most-visited rooms…

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Amazing Kitchen Renovation Ideas

When it comes to home renovation, the kitchen is probably the most overlooked room when compared with the bedrooms and living room. Everybody has this notion that a kitchen just has to be good enough to serve the purpose and not have much to do with elegance and style. However, this should not be the…

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Things To Know When You Take On A HDB Interior Design Project

When you want to renovate your HDB home, there can be a lot of overwhelming choices and decisions to make. Obviously, hiring a professional interior designing firm to carry out the ID project for you will help in taking care of most of these things. Still, when you take on such an interior design project,…


Interior Design – Cost Of Renovating In Singapore

Almost all homeowners wish for their dream home and there comes a time when they finally decide to renovate their house to fulfil that dream. However, renovating a house is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many factors which shape the overall process of renovation but the main factor is budgeting. Most…