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An interior design and construction company based in Singapore, Tan Studio offers comprehensive, innovative and practical turnkey interior solutions for our clients.

The studio provides a full range of services from conceptual design, planning, coordinating to construction completion. Throughout the years, we have built up an extensive portfolio in both residential and commercial property projects, leading to numerous positive reviews and referrals by clients.

Our approach to design is informed and evolves through research, enquiry and differentiation. The team takes pride in meeting our client’s demands and constantly seeks to identify innovative design solutions that arise out of the constraints from negotiating our clients’ needs. We believe that the collaboration between each client and designer can create a mutual understanding for a new level in design and achievement. As such, we take great care to understand our client’s space aspirations and ensure that we help to bring out the best interior space that is functional yet bearing each client’s unique personality imprint.

Tan Studio remains committed to create designs that articulate your aspirations and build them to reality while strictly adhering to processes without compromising quality. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best interior design service in the industry.


Our Services


Design & Consultancy

Our award-winning team is constantly evolving to the ever-changing trend in the design of homes in Singapore. Our designers focus on the quality, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, the feel you want for your ideal home or office.


Space Planning (Furniture Layout)

Space planning is the cornerstone of all interior design projects. Having hundreds of portfolio under our team, we can propose the best layout for you to match the feel and design you want for your space.


3D (Artist Impression)

Tan Studio also provides photo-realistic renderings, 3D artist impressions so you can have the most realistic view of how your design project is going to turn out. We provide a range of 3D visualisation service, find out more from us today.


Color Coordination

Color schemes in a commercial or residential design project can alter the mood and create different experience. Our designers are top-notch when it comes to selecting the right color scheme for you, be it residential or commercial.


Material Selection

Having the right finish materials such as flooring, tiles and walls affect the style and feel of the design space. Our extensive network and knowledge of materials allow us to advice you on the right one to match your ideal design.


Project Management & Supervision

Having bad coordination and planning can delay a project by days or weeks. Our designers are experienced, with hundreds of projects under their belts, to anticipate, budget, and execute all aspects of the interior design project.

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