Hot And Trending HDB Interior Design Styles

Everybody loves to have their dream home which depicts a particular character and style. In fact, your home is a reflection of your own personality and character.

Therefore, your home should be designed and renovated in a way for which you want people to see you. When you want to design or renovate your HDB home in Singapore, you can have the option of choosing from various designs.

In fact, the options could become quite overwhelming, leaving you in a dilemma as to which one you should opt for.

Here, we will describe some of the most feasible and trending interior design ideas for HDB homes which can help you to decide which particular design you want.

You can also mix and match these interior designs according to your preferences and choose the ones which best fit your requirements and style.

Traditional Interior Design

HDB Traditional Interior Design: Punggol Way Block 315A

A traditional interior design depicts comfort, classic, and predictability. It usually involves the use of similar items in a particular room be it sofas, rugs, wall paints, and other elements.

A lot of wood is used in such a design to provide details. The furniture matches the other items in a room. Usually, the same colors and hues are used for all elements of the room.

Traditional lighting is used which does not involve recessed lighting, accent lighting, or mood lighting. This type of interior design is all about comfort and cosiness.

Vintage Interior Design

Vintage interior design never goes out of style. It depicts class, style, elegance, and luxury all at once. The theme may be confused as being an old one but, in fact, it is portrayed through luxurious and glamorous elements.

In this design, usually soft and light colors are used for the walls and fabric of furnishings. A few bold colored elements are added to bring out the glamour in the room.

The furniture is elegant and classy. The fabric of the furnishings could be silk, velvet, or jacquard to give the effect of glamour and luxury. This style does not over adorn any room, rather uses few things which are extremely glamorous and luxurious.

Coastal Interior Design

A coastal interior design basically gives the effect of living at the beachside. By using this style, you can transform your home into a beach house and fulfill your dream of living by the sea side.

In this design, light colored elements are used along with a lot of natural elements to give that effect of a beachside. This includes using elements of wood and jute. Large, leafy green plants also help in achieving that closer to nature effect.

Colors like light blue, offwhite, and tans are used as color themes for the house to give the effect of a beach house since these are the colors you would find at a beach.

Shiplap panelling completes this coastal look along with soft and cosy furnishings. The overall design reflects comfort and casual which would help people relax.

Industrial Interior Design

HDB Industrial Interior Design Project: Fernvale Road

The industrial interior design is ideal for anyone who wishes to depict a raw and industrial outlook for their home. The industrial effect is achieved by keeping the structure raw and unfinished with no proper wall paints.

Even pipes and ducts are left showing to achieve this effect. Spotlights and metal work are used extensively in industrial design. Since all these elements are raw, the furniture and other items of the room have to neutralize this effect.

This is achieved by using vintage and modern furniture along with bright colored elements which make the design pop out!

Bohemian Interior Design

A bohemian interior design can make any house appear stylish and modern. By incorporating bohemian patterns and styles in various elements of a room, you can make it stand out. For example, in a living room, you can use bohemian patterned cushions with a solid color sofa or a bohemian rug on a plain wooden floor.

In the bedroom, you can add bohemian bed throws, pillows, or bedspreads while keeping all the other elements of the room simple and plain. Conversely, you can add a bohemian ottoman to a room along with a bohemian wall hanging to give that bohemian touch in the room.

You can even use the bohemian style in the bathroom and kitchen by utilizing this pattern on tiles. However, the bohemian elements should be kept to a minimum so as not to become overpowering and overwhelming.

Modern French Interior Design

Ecopolitan condo 8
Modern Interior Design Project: Ecopolitan

The modern french interior design is all about sophistication and elegance. It is not too classy so as to become too formal. It features traditional and ornate elements along with modern and stylish elements.

It involves the use of comfortable and functional furniture and materials along with a few vintage and formal pieces here and there. This adds a classic touch to an otherwise comfortable and cosy abode.

Scandinavian Interior Design

HDB Scandinavian Interior Design: Jalan Tenterram

The scandinavian interior design focuses on minimalism. They depict clean areas with lots of free space and geometric elements in the rooms. All elements of the room are simple and functional yet beautiful.

Light and muted color tones are used in this design along with just a pop of color in a couple of items to bring out the elegance of the room. This design focuses on a clean, airy and decluttered space which gives the ambience of comfort and relaxation to its residents.

Modern Interior Design

HDB Modern and Contemporary Design: Sembawang Drive

The modern interior design depicts simplicity in an elegant and stylish way, it does not involve over adorning the area with various different elements. Rather, elegant wood, leather, and polished materials are used.

There are not many bold and bright colors used in this design. Neutral and natural hues are used throughout the area to give a timeless and iconic effect.

This design utilizes panelled walls with recessed lighting to further give a modern look. The overall lighting in the rooms includes a combination of spotlights, recessed lighting, and modern chandeliers. The idea is not to have a direct and bright light, rather ambient lighting throughout the room.

Retro Interior Design

Retro interior design is for you if you are inspired by the 1960’s where psychedelic patterns and bold colors were used in architecture, clothing, and designs.

A retro interior design gives a hip hop feel with the dominant use of citrus orange, royal blue, bright green, and brick red colors. Wooden furniture is paired with bright fabric and walls to achieve the retro effect. Eclectic wall hangings and decor complete the look of the 60s to give you that nostalgic feel!

Japanese Style

The Japanese interior design style gives the vibes of simplicity and serenity. This style is dominated by the use of light wood-colored elements and keeping the tones neutral across the complete rooms. Low lying furniture is used including sitting areas.

The space is completely decluttered by using various apparent and hidden storage areas. Instead of traditional doors and walls, Shoji screens are used as dividers which can easily slide to open up or close an area.

The Japanese style also makes the area look spacious when the dividers are left open. The sun-tanned color theme helps you to relax and feel the calm after long, busy days at work.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

The modern farmhouse design perfectly blends the old time with the new by combining various raw and rustic elements with modern ones to achieve the desired effect. Shaker-style cabinets are used along with butcher block counters to give the old farmhouse effect.

To make the space modern alongside, neutral color schemes are used with a touch of pop here and there. Different raw textures are used along with weather wood surfaces to give the old effect. Glass partitions can be used along with the use of cane and jute to mix the old with the modern.

Spotlights and track lights are used to further enhance the effect. The kitchen and bathrooms are tiled with retro patterns along with modern sanitary. Black accents can be used with white, off-white, and grey tones to keep the overall ambience neutral. All in all, this design is the epitome of simplicity, casual style, and relaxation.

These are just some of the ideas which you can utilize while renovating your home. All these HDB interior design ideas can help you decide on the perfect interior design so you can have your dream home.

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