Different Ideas For Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are one of the least bothered rooms when people renovate their homes. They usually focus more on the living room and bedrooms followed by the kitchen and lastly, the bathroom.

Often, the bathroom is left as it is even though the whole house gets renovated. However, a bathroom is one of the most-visited rooms of the entire house, so it should ideally be well designed and functional.

Since most of the time, a bathroom is created in a small space, one might think that there are nor enough options of how you can design it and incorporate style and elegance into it. However, this is not true.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can design your bathroom so that it not only appears beautiful but also appears spacious and less cramp. Here, we will discuss some of the ways in which you can incorporate style in a bathroom during renovation and make it look less congested.

Our HDB Bathroom Renovation Project at Sembawang Drive

Use A Particular Theme

Like all the other rooms of the house, the bathroom should also deserve special attention during renovation. Ou should decide on a particular theme and color scheme for the bathroom which should then be followed when selecting and placing the other elements of the bathroom.

For example, if you choose a minimalistic theme, the tiles should be white and clean to achieve that particular effect. There should be minimum clutter in the bathroom and less unnecessary items to achieve this effect.

So whatever you decide the theme of the bathroom, discuss with your interior designer to finalize all the other details accordingly. The bathroom should be able to have its own character and personality just like every other room in the house. This would help in depicting its designer image.

Use Designer Elements

When you use different designer elements for other parts of the house, why not for the bathroom as well? The use of designer sanitary, tiles, and other elements will help in enhancing the image of the bathroom.

It will appear elegant, stylish, and chic. Designer elements usually have a good warranty, so the extra money you spend on these designer items will eventually pay off in the form of beauty, elegance, sturdiness, and good maintenance.

Our HDB Toilet Renovation At 184 Jelebu Road

Incorporate Glossy Tiles

Using glossy wall tiles for the bathroom helps in making it appear spacious and bright. The shiny tiles will reflect all the light that falls on them making the bathroom appear brighter.

They also project a very modern and elegant image. If the bathroom is very small, you can use light or pastel colored glossy tiles. Even if the bathroom is small but you have a relatively bigger window in it, you can use dark colored glossy tiles. The light from the big window will bounce off the dark tiles and make the bathroom appear spacious and bright.

Increase Storage Space

Since bathrooms are usually very small, you may find yourself in a fix of where to place storage spaces so that they don’t cramp up the space further.

The solution to this problem could be to utilize those areas of the bathroom which would normally go unnoticed, yet would serve as a good area for storage. One such option could be the area above a toilet seat.

It is almost always left as it is. You can install a rack with open shelves in this area which could be able to store a number of items such as towels and other toiletries.

Similarly, you can install corner wall shelves near the shower to place different soaps and shampoos. The area under the sink can also be utilized to create a big cabinet which can store many items.

Use Hanging Toilets and Sink

One way through which you can add an element of style and elegance to a bathroom is to use wall-hung toilets and sinks. This wall mounted toilet seat does not have a water tank visible, so it helps in making the bathroom appear decluttered.

This design leaves space beneath both these fixtures which adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom. This extra visual space beneath the sink and the toilet seat also makes the bathroom appear spacious. So such a design is ideal for small bathrooms.

Use Glass Partitions

The use of glass in any room of the house helps adds a modern and elegant touch to the overall design of the room. Same is the case for a bathroom. You can use wall partitions to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

This will help in giving the bathroom a spacious feel. Usually, people use shower curtains to separate the bath area, but this way could make the bathroom appear more cramped and congested. The use of glass partitions will overcome this problem of congestion while consequently, making the bathroom appear modern and stylish.

Use Light Colors For Spaciousness

If making a small bathroom appear spacious and less-cramped is your main preference, you should use light colored walls and fixtures in the bathroom to achieve this effect. White, off white, or pastel colored theme helps in making a bathroom appear spacious and airy. The light theme also helps in making the bathroom appear brighter.

Ecopolitan condo 2
Our Bathroom Renovation Project at Ecopolitan Condo

Use Glass Walls for the Bathroom

One way in which you can add spacious and elegance to a bathroom is to use glass walls instead of conventional walls. This bold design may be used for an attached bathroom.

The glass walls will make the bathroom look quite spacious since the eyes would perceive the bedroom space as the visual space of the bathroom.

However, such a design might be too bold for some people and they would not want their privacy to be invaded like this in a bathroom. In such a case, you can still go with the glass walls but install blinds on them as well. That way, you can keep the blinds open for a spacious effect and close them when you need privacy!

Monochrome and Grayscale Hues

Monochrome and grayscale hues are also trending these days since they add a very luxurious and chic effect to any bathroom. However, these dark colored themes can make a small bathroom look more cramped.

So, you have to neutralize the effect and make it appear brighter. One way to achieve this is to use glossy tiles and other fixtures. You can add more and bright lights in the bathroom to make it look brighter.

Combining this color scheme with wall-mounted fixtures and large windows will help in overcoming the problem of congestion and crampedness in the bathroom.

Use Plants

The use of plants can add a touch of freshness and brightness to any type of a bathroom. Whatever your theme of the bathroom is, plants go really well with any of them. They also go perfectly well with light colored fixtures as well as dark and monochrome designs.

You can use fresh plants or artificial ones to achieve this closer-to-nature effect. Place small planters on the sink or on the window sill if you are short of space. You can even place them alongside the bathtub or besides the shower to help you relax and feel the freshness.

Different Shaped Bathtubs

Conventional oval-shaped bathtubs are out of fashion these days. Now, people prefer to use other shapes of bathtubs to add a touch of elegance and modernism to their bathroom. Rectangular and square-shaped bathtubs are also trending these days.

If you have limited space in the bathroom, you can install a corner bathtub which will help in freeing up precious bathroom space which otherwise would have been taken by a conventional oval-shaped tub.

Similarly, if you have a little extra space at your disposal in the bathroom, you can install a stand alone bathtub in the middle or one side of the bathroom. This design helps in projecting a chic and elegant outlook.

Bohemian Designs

Bohemian designs look great wherever they are used in the house. The bathroom is no exception. The use of bohemian tiles on one wall of the bathroom or on some floor area helps in giving it a designer look.

However, do not overuse the bohemian tiles or designs in the bathroom as it can look quite overpowering in an already small space. Using just the right amount of bohemian design in the overall design of the bathroom will help in achieving the perfect elegant and stylish look.

These are some of the ways in which you can renovate your bathroom to make it appear stylish and elegant. Almost all these designs also help in making the bathroom appear spacious and airy, so you get the best of everything from them.

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