Amazing Kitchen Renovation Ideas

When it comes to home renovation, the kitchen is probably the most overlooked room when compared with the bedrooms and living room.

Everybody has this notion that a kitchen just has to be good enough to serve the purpose and not have much to do with elegance and style. However, this should not be the case.

When your kitchen is stylish as well as being functional, it will make your work in the kitchen more enjoyable and convenient. Here, we will discuss some of the most trending and stylish kitchen renovation ideas that are bound to leave you mesmerized.

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Monochrome Kitchen

Using one color for the theme of the kitchen especially black or dark grey helps in presenting a chic image. Since dark colors can make an area look cramped, this design is probably not the best idea for a small sized kitchen.

On the other hand, you use a black and white combination in a smaller kitchen to achieve a similar effect. The white color will help in making the kitchen appear spacious whereas the black color will add to the elegance and style.

The key is to combine the dark shade with a lighter one in the design to help neutralize the effect. The dark colors of cabinets and countertops also help in concealing the stubborn oil stains and spills.

Kitchen Island

If you have a large kitchen, you can incorporate this design to give a very stylish and chic look. In this design, a stand-alone piece in the middle of the kitchen serves as a countertop, storage, bar area, and a table. Depending on your needs, you can customize the design to add features which best fit your specifications. It gives a very dramatic effect in the kitchen and really makes it pop.

Open Concept Kitchen

An open concept kitchen is ideal for a small home where you have very less space for the kitchen. When you open up the walls of the kitchen, it gives the effect of a spacious kitchen which would have otherwise looked quite cramped and congested.

Depending on your needs, you can add chairs or stools with the countertop to make a small dining area. You can even incorporate a seating area that doubles up as storage, thus allowing you to use it in both ways.

Open Shelves Kitchen

This type of design is feasible for small kitchens where you fear that it will look cramped and too tight. The installation of proper cabinets also contributes to making it look congested. So instead of cabinets, you can use the open shelves designs.

The wall shelves can be made from wrought iron or wood. You can even install wall holders to place all the spice and sauce bottles. This design provides you ample space to store the kitchen items while still keeping the kitchen appear spacious and airy.

Zen Kitchen

The Zen design speaks of minimalism, simplicity, and elegance. It is basically a Japanese which can be infused with modern elements to make it even more elegant and stylish. In this design, light-colored wood is used with white colored cabinets and other elements.

This soothing color combination helps in portraying a very simple yet elegant and spacious outlook of the kitchen. You can add different patterned tiles to create a backdrop with the light colors to make the overall ambience of the kitchen pop.

Kitchen Peninsula

A kitchen peninsula is the one which has a U-shaped layout. This provides you with ample countertop space where you can seperate the wet area from the dry one. One side of the counter can be used as a dining area from where you can place stools or chairs.

Unlike a kitchen island where you need a larger room, this design can be incorporated in a small or medium-sized kitchen as well. By painting the various walls of the layout in complementing colors, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and elegant one.

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Quirky Kitchen

If you are a fun-loving and quirky person, you would love this type of kitchen which uses bright colors and patterns on the floor tiles. The rest of the kitchen can have small elements of bright colors which go perfectly with the bright colored floor tiles.

The complete tiles should not be bright colored for they will be too bold for the eye. Just a few bright colored tiles at some distance on an otherwise plan colored floor will do the trick.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

A rustic kitchen design gives the old farmhouse and countryside look if you are into those types of designs. This design basically features natural elements such as wood and grey metal containers.

Curtains covering the cabinets add to the old farmhouse effect. You can have open shelves cabinets or wood cabinets to complement this design. Pair the elements with wooden stools or cane furniture to complete the rustic look.

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian designs are gaining popularity these days because of their simple yet functional design. This design is clean looking and is able to incorporate a lot of functional elements into a small space in the kitchen.

With light colored themes and nature elements, it gives a very inviting look. Plants and green elements are added to further complement the natural look. Dark and light colored wood elements also add a touch of elegance to the Scandinavian design.

Bohemian Kitchen

Who doesn’t love Bohemian designs in a house? Usually, people think that you can only add touches of bohemian design in the living room or bedroom. But a bohemian kitchen also looks modern yet antique. You can use bohemian tiles for the walls in the kitchen.

You can combine them with vintage appliances and open shelves to create that ‘old’ look. Wooden shelves can be installed to place various kitchen items.

Simple wall hangings to hang the utensils, spoons, and ladles will add to the old and rustic effect. This old effect when combined with the bohemian design will portray the perfect “old meets new” design and leave everybody in awe when they see it.

Pastel Kitchen

If you don’t like bright and bold hues in your kitchen, then pastels are just the thing for you. Pastel kitchens are also trending these days because of the freshness and elegance they add to any kitchen. Baby pink, sky blue, and mint are a few of the most popular choices for pastel kitchens.

They immediately uplift the mood of the kitchen with clean and simple outlooks. You can either paint complete walls or cabinets in a pastel color or use it in small elements throughout the kitchen. You can complement the look by hanging paintings with similar pastel colors and designs.

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Neon Bright Kitchen

If you like bright and bold colors, you would love this neon bright kitchen. This design incorporates neon and citrusy bright colors in various elements of the kitchen to give a bright and fresh effect. Neon yellow, green, orange, and red are some of the popular choices of colors to be used.

However, too much of any of these colors can actually look too bold and not appealing. So it is very important that you balance them out by using neutral shades with them. When these bright colors are paired with grey, white, and black, it helps in perfectly livening up the kitchen without overpowering it.

Luxury Kitchen

This is the type of kitchen which portrays a very luxurious image because of its use of glossy elements and colonial-style cabinets. The cabinets and glossy marble tops are usually black colored to give that elegant effect.

They can be used with a black and white checkered floor to tie everything together. This black glossy design can be paired with rose gold and peach walls to create a beautiful contrast that will not only look appealing but elegant and chic as well.

These are some of the common and trending kitchen designs which you can use while renovating your kitchen. Depending on your personal preferences and budget, you can incorporate various elements of the design to achieve the look that will help you transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams!

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